Celestial Bodies (High School/CEGEP)

Drawing of a girl's face with her eyes closed. The background is purple and there are constellations and planets, and drawings of a dog, a rocketship and a hockey stick.

Stella, a fast-thinking (and even-faster-talking) teenager, has barely even started high school, and she’s already over it. Obviously, the best course of action is to lay low and hope that no one notices that she’s an awkward, clinically anxious space-nerd. But when that plan goes supernova and explodes, she scrambles to cope with totally normal teen challenges, like bullying, casual binge eating, and… accidentally becoming an ice hockey goalie? Armed with supportive but questionably effective advice from her moms (a consummate peacemaker and a pep-talking former Olympian), as well as the unwavering enthusiasm of a high-energy classmate, some surprisingly astute coaching from her somewhat obtuse crush, and a good dog named Oort Cloud, can Stella find the genuine pleasure of existing in a physical body in a world that wants to shame her for the body she has? Interrogating the way bodies are approached as a problem to be fixed, Celestial Bodies is one girl’s cosmic journey to truly owning, literally and metaphorically, the space she occupies.


The main character, Stella, describes herself as “fat” or “overweight”, for which she is bullied by other characters. Body image, and anti-fatness specifically, is a topic that can provoke strong opinions and lead to difficult classroom discussions. Please be sensitive to students who may feel embarrassed or shy during these discussions. Should a student demonstrate signs of anxiety or distress, please speak to the school counsellor. 




Websites on bullying:

Bullying by The Children’s Society

Bullying Canada


Lesson plans with themes relating to Celestial Bodies:

True To Me by The Dove Self Esteem Project

Prejudice and Body Image by mediasmart.ca

Reshaping Body Image by tolerance.org

Free Being Me by WAGGGS and Dove


Suggested readings relating to anti-fat bias:

Prejudice and Body Image by mediasmart.ca

Reshaping Body Image by Tolerance.org

Obesity Stigma: Important Considerations for Public Health by the U.S National Library of Medicine

The Harmful Effects of Fat Shaming by Healthline.




English Language Arts 

- Uses language/talks to communicate and to learn 

- Reads and listens to written, spoken and media texts 

- Produces texts for personal and social purposes 


Cross-Curricular Competencies 

- Uses information 

- Exercises critical judgment 

- Uses creativity 

- Adopts effective work methods 

- Uses information and communications technologies 

- Cooperates with others 

- Communicates appropriately 


Arts Education - Dramatic Arts Competencies 

- Creates dramatic works 

- Performs dramatic works 

- Appreciates dramatic works