Persephone Bound (Ages 13 and up)

Artwork of an aerial circus artist

PERSEPHONE BOUND (Ages 13 and up)


A co-production with Imago Theatre in association with Screaming Goats Collective
Created by Léda Davies and Jed Tomlinson
With additional text creation by Michaela Jeffery
Developed in partnership with Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal
Directed by Micheline Chevrier


I am determined to be seen. - Persephone


Persephone Bound is an epic story of survival that follows a young woman’s journey through three vivid realms: The Underworld — a college party that holds the painful memory of her experience of sexual assault; The Court - a bureaucratic hell-sphere; and The River (Styx) — an internal space where, queen-like, she builds a well-spring of courage and strength.

Persephone Bound, a contemporary adaptation of the Greek Myth of Persephone, is a play that uses stunning poetry, percussion and aerial circus work to explore the need for education around consent.

Please note that the themes/events addressed in this play are not represented explicitly and are referred to with respect to the subject matter and to whom anyone may relate.


Léda Davies - Creator/Performer

Jed Tomlinson
Jed Tomlinson - Creator/Performer

Eric Nyland
Eric Nyland - Performer

Michaela Jeffery
Michaela Jeffery - Additional Text Creation

Micheline Chevrier - Director

Elaine Normandeau
Elaine Normandeau - Stage Manager

Diana Uribe
Diana Uribe - Set and Costume Designer

Martin Sirois
Martin Sirois - Lighting Designer

Lucie Vigneault
Lucie Vigneault - Movement Director

Katey Wattam
Katey Wattam - Assitant Director

Danna-Rae Evasiuk
Danna-Rae Evasiuk - Assistant Stage Manager




Geordie Theatre is committed to the safety and respect of our audience. The themes/events addressed in Persephone Bound are not represented explicitly and are referred to with respect to the subject matter and to whom anyone may relate.

We understand, however, that despite our best efforts, you and your students may be affected by the material. As such, we have included links to resources for you and your school should you need them and encourage you to access support while navigating these vital, but sometimes difficult, discussions.

These conversations are important. We believe in education surrounding consent and the positive impact that this story will have on students. We also prioritize the well-being of our audience and appreciate your trust in us, the impact of theatre, and this production.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding the resources listed, please contact



Government of Quebec

Information Guide for Sexual Assault Victims PDF

Québec Institut national de sante publique

Concordia Sexual Assault Resource Centre (lots of resources & printables)

McGill Office for Sexual Violence Response

Table de concertation sur les agressions à caractère sexuel de Montréal

Centre pour les victimes d’agression sexuelle de Montréal (CVASM)
P: 514 934-4504 E:

Centre Marie-Vincent
P: 514 285-0505 E:

Mouvement contre le viol et l’inceste
P: 514 278-9383 E:

CALACS (Centre d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel) Trêve pour Elles
P: 514 251-0323 E:

CALACS de l’Ouest de l’Île
P: 514 684-2198 E:

CRIPHASE pour les hommes abusés sexuellement dans l’enfance
P: 514 529-5567 E:


Quebec Education Competencies

Some select Quebec Competencies found in this guide include:

English Language Arts

- Uses language/talk to communicate and to learn
- Reads and listens to written,spoken and media texts
- Produces texts for personal and social purposes

Cross-Curricular Competencies

- Uses information
- Exercises critical judgment
- Uses creativity
- Adopts effective work methods
- Uses information and communications technologies
- Cooperates with others
- Communicates appropriately

Arts Education - Dramatic Arts Competencies

- Creates dramatic works
- Performs dramatic works
- Appreciates dramatic works