The Water Chronicles (Elementary School)

Young woman underwater

THE WATER CHRONICLES (Elementary School)


By Alexandria Haber
Directed by Zach Fraser
Developed in partnership with Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal


Darya is worried. Even though her settlement has strict rules about wasting water, their water supply has gotten dangerously low. Not one to sit by idly when there is a problem that needs solving, Darya sets out with her divining rod (magic water finding stick) and best friend, Nix, to find a new water source. Along the way they encounter more than they expected and discover that there’s a whole lot more to water than they ever realized.

The Water Chronicles is a playful examination of our relationship with water and the impact this has on our environment. It asks questions: Who owns water? What happens when we don’t respect water? How can we make a difference in avoiding the very real possibility of a water crisis? In an imaginative and fun way, the play explores the many ways that water impacts our lives and how small changes (and small kids!) and can make a big difference.

2Play Tour cast and crew

Quebec Education Competencies

Some select Quebec Competencies found in this guide include:


English Language Arts

- To read and listen to literary, popular, and information-based texts
- To write self-expressive, narrative, and information based texts
- To use language to communicate and learn


Cross-Curricular Competencies

- To use information
- To exercise critical judgment
- To use creativity
- To cooperate with others
- To communicate appropriately


Arts Education - Dramatic Arts Competencies

- To invent short scenes
- To interpret short scenes
- To appreciate dramatic works, personal productions, and those of classmates


Arts Education - Visual Arts Competencies

- To produce individual works in the visual arts
- To produce media works in the visual arts
- To appreciate works of art, traditional artistic objects, media images, personal productions, and those of classmates