Theatre Rules and Etiquette

Before watching one of Geordie Theatre's performance, please discuss theatre etiquette with your students.

Some questions to help the discussion get started:

  • Have they ever attended any live cultural events? Inside or outside of school?
  • What did they like and dislike about them?
  • How can we show respect to the performers on stage (whether at a theatre or in your school gym)?
  • How should audience members act during a live theatrical performance?
  • What makes theatre unique?
  • What goes into making a play?
  • What are the various roles and characteristics of live theatre?

Please discuss the following Geordie Theatre Rules prior to attending the performance.

  • Because of union rules and safety issues, no cameras, cellphones, video cameras, or other recording devices are permitted during the performance.
  • No food or drink is allowed during the performance.
  • Please have your students remain seated throughout the performance. If you must take students out, please do so quickly and quietly so as not to disturb those around you.

Discuss the various theatre roles and characteristics with your class. Some of them are:









Set Design


Stage Crew

Stage Manager


Stage Right






Curtain Call

Stage Left


Before attending the Geordie performance ask your students to pay attention to the various roles and characteristics while at the play. When you return from the play, have students write a short essay on their favourite area of theatre (writing, scenery, acting, props, costumes, direction etc…). In order to complete this assignment students will have to conduct research on their chosen area.